Welcome to the Site !

Welcome to my website! Brand spanking new, fresh white coat of paint. Smells great, feels awesome.

In part, I'm motivated to create this site
Welcome to my website ! Brand spanking new, with a fresh coat of white paint. Smells great, feels awesome. I'm praying for a smooth ride.

In part, I'm motivated to create this site as a result of Instagram's uncanny habit of cropping my photos. Even if there are ways around that, it seemed to me ideal to have a site dedicated to my own photography, where I feel my photos can shine in their own light; eternal, without drowning in the abyss of Instagram. It's nice to have a portfolio of kinds, too; a tidy record of my proudest accomplishments.

I photograph things I find interesting; that is to say, I don't specialise in any one subject. Any subject has the power to captivate, after all. Sometimes I photograph telephone poles, sometimes flowers. Sometimes buildings, other times hand-composed scenes. When I'm feeling spicy, its people. There are a few towns in particular around my own hometown that I'd like to explore. Those are short term goals.

I love cities. When lockdown is over, I'd like to do more urban shoots. Going back into Paris would be lovely; in essence, I'd love to travel more. Plenty to see in this bountiful world. My rural hometown does have some nice telephone poles though, I'll admit.

I'm still figuring out what I want for this site. What my aims are, how I want to style it. For now, this is a big step forward, and I'm glad to be making it. Something will come of this, I'm sure.